These sessions are live demonstrations that allow every attendee an opportunity to ask questions, and have them answered. They are ideal for people want to learn to apply makeup on themselves, and are open to ALL skill levels. At least 2 of the below seminars are presented in one session, and are subject to change based on popular demand. 80 min/$25 per attendee

Skin Focus - This seminar will feature the best techniques and talk about WHY certain formulations and complexion products are necessary for any desired finish from matte to luminous.  You will also learn techniques for applying color theory and correction when working on a deeper skin tone.

Highlight & Contour: This seminar will bring you back to basics, here you will learn how to give a multi-dimensional finish to the face when highlighting and contouring.  You will also focus on face shape, intentional placement, and correction.

Adapting Period Makeup, 1950’s Pin Up - Here you will learn how to identify the features, style, and proportion that defines iconic 1950s pin up makeup.  Then you will learn how to adapt these iconic features for modern beauty/editorial wear.

Staying Current with Shadows - This beauty demonstration will teach you how to think outside the box when using shadows. You will learn the trends that define modern use of color, and the appropriate techniques associated.

Makeup For Mature Skin - This seminar will focus on age-appropriate makeup for the maturing woman. The makeup demonstration will transition from daywear, to evening, highlighting the secrets to younger looking skin.

The Elusive Smoky Eye - This makeup demonstration will transition from a work-friendly look, to a smoldering, dramatic accessory you can flaunt on the dance floor!  Learn the techniques behind the most fashionable trend in makeup.



MakeUP Party Of Five - A private makeup workshop for you and up to 4 of your friends!  All supplies provided, with step-by-step instruction, consider this a HANDS-ON live tutorial!  Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of hosting your very own makeup party, just add cocktails! 3Hrs/$200

Glam Ambition - Reinvent your makeup shopping experience with a personal guide at those overwhelming counters, followed by a thorough lesson, and comprehensive, written instructions to easily recreate on your own. 3Hrs/$200

Butler Service - If your makeup bag is filled to overflowing, any time of the year is appropriate for a spring cleaning!  Sergio cleans out and streamlines your products, followed by a makeup lesson. You are left with written instructions and a list of products to consider for future use. 2Hrs/$150

Neopro - This is the perfect service for those just starting to explore the world of makeup, as a professional.  An exclusive one-on-one, 3 day workshop with a vast array of products to prepare you for FASHION, GLAMOUR & BRIDAL ARTISTRY in the real world. Includes tattoo cover! 21Hrs/$1,500

Breakfast @ Tiffany's - The works.  Start with a personalized BUTLER SERVICE and finish with a relaxing hair session tailored to your unique style.  A step-by-step lesson and written instructions leave you with a new and fun look that will leave you feeling like a pro. 4Hrs/$300

Services are available ON LOCATION for your convenience. All seminars held at public venue, location subject to change.